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Learning your goals is always the first step in creating designs that help you achieve them. No matter how your marketing strategy reaches your customers, effective design has the power to inform and convince them to choose you. Our entire process is focused on creating the solution that does just that.

First Impressions Start With The Right Look...
Put your best foot forward with professional print and web design

These days, the power of technology makes your business more accessible than ever. But accessibility’s no good if you’re not sending the right message. Whether in print or on the web, a good first impression almost always starts with the right look. Getting there starts with the right questions.

How does your web design, print design, and branding support your business goals? Does it communicate your values? Does it resonate with your audience?

We work through all of these questions to ensure the end result is the solution you need.

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It’s more than just colors and a font. It’s how your audience feels about you.

The Five Questions Your Designer Should Be Asking

It’s easy for a new or untested designer to get carried away with the creative aspect of the design process, leaving businesses with web and print design that hardly represents their brand. At Industrial Traffic, we pride ourselves on our ability to get to the bottom of your needs to deliver the look that fits your business, your audience, and your goals.

1.) Who's your audience? What are they looking to accomplish?

Your audience should play a major role in any design project you undertake, whether it’s for the web or the print world. The best answer, however, doesn’t come down to just color and tone. Design is the first step in providing a solution for your customers. So what are their problems? By knowing what would make their life easier, our design team comes up with the concepts that transform your web presence into their resource of choice.

2.) What do you want your website design to accomplish?

What’s your goal? Is it more sales? A more cohesive brand? Greater exposure? No two design projects are the same, and while it might seem obvious at first, it’s not always as straightforward as “make more money”. Whether you like it or not, in our era your website design is a vital part of your identity as a company, understanding how it should help you grow is central to how our designers should approach its design.

3.) Will we be working with an existing brand?

With both web design and print design, it’s always important to lay all the cards out on the table. What do we have to work with, or are we starting from scratch?

4.) What do you love about your brand? What do you want to do away with?

If you already have a website or established brand, what do you like about it? Re-inventing the wheel isn’t always necessary, and our design team can bring a fresh idea to your look whether there are certain elements you want to hold on to, or we’re starting from scratch.

5.) What mediums will we be working with?

Do you need more than web design? Your brand should always be consistent, from your logo and your website to your delivery trucks and marketing materials. These considerations can make a major difference when it comes to the shape, size, and layout of your many different branding materials.

Do you have questions of your own? We’re here to help. Get in touch with us