New Site Launch:

Industrial Traffic is proud to announce the launch of a brand new site that has been in the works for Conductive Compounds, a global supplier of functional inks and coatings for the electronics industry.

When Conductive Compounds approached us and expressed interest in a new site that took advantage of all that 2014 had to offer, we knew it had to be responsive and easy to navigate.  The responsive development was fairly straightforward, but putting together a navigation that made it easy for visitors to digest all of the information on site was slightly more challenging. The end result was an architecture that offers relevant information to every kind of customer, whether they prefer to search for the product they need by their application, their industry, or the specific product category.

Conductive Compounds provides highly technical products to an equally technical audience. With that in mind, we knew that customers would be dealing with a wealth of information. We also knew that the success of Conductive Compounds’ site would rely on being able to intuitively present that information without overwhelming visitors. On top of the site’s responsive design and  clean, easy to read layout — this was accomplished with the development of product comparison and selection tools.

Highlights of Conductive Compounds’ new site include:

  • Fully responsive design, providing a streamlined experience on any device
  • Fresh new design elements
  • Brand new SEO
  • Easy to use product comparison tool
  • Intuitive site architecture
  • Fresh content

The Design

On the design side of the project, our lead designer, Eddie, started out with a style tile. We use “style tiles” as a  tool to help our clients quickly and painlessly wrap their  head around the many design elements at play with a new site. In most cases, the style tile provides a great snapshot of what to expect when everything is said and done with a site’s design. The goal our design team set out to accomplish with was to create a clean, corporate, and approachable site. The creative process actively took into consideration the intentions of customers in order to help them take full advantage of the site’s improved architecture.

Conductive Compound’s Style Tyle

To take a look at the difference between Conductive Compounds’ old website and their new responsive website, check out the video below.


The Optimization

As Keith, our Lead SEO expert explains, “This project was an interesting one from an SEO perspective for a few reasons.”

First off, the company didn’t have much visibility in the search engines, and after a quick audit we realized that many of the standard practices for SEO were not being utilized. Simple things like using a dash instead of an underscore in file names, naming images keywords, and naming pages keywords.

In addition, most of the site contained duplicate meta titles and descriptions, which is a big factor for poor rankings. We spruced up the file names, wrote unique titles and descriptions for every page and setup 301 redirects to pass any juice from the old pages to the new ones.

The second problem we encountered was that the site architecture was extremely flat, meaning that every page was on the root without any folders for organizing information into categories. We addressed this by categorizing all the products and organizing them into folders named keywords like,‘dielectric-inks’ or ‘conductive-epoxies’, for example.


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