Happy New Years
from industrial traffic

The Relaunch of Industrial Traffic...

To truly start the New Year fresh, we started from the ground up: with ourselves. To practice what we preach, we had to find the time to brush the cobwebs off of our own web presence. And you know what, we’re happy with the results.

...for a Special Occasion

2015 was a great time for our team to completely overhaul our brand and website, as it marked our 20th year in business as the internet marketing company dedicated to the industrial sector.

Our Rebranding Process

It's never easy to overhaul your brand. Companies like ours and yours choose to rebrand for a multitude of reasons, from "livening up" a stale identity to preparing for future growth. At ITL, we needed a fresh start to invigorate our creative team and (frankly) to get with the times. We've all heard the saying, "the cobbler's children have no shoes," and for a while, that's how we felt. With all of our projects coming in and out, our website and our brand became an antique. So we hit the drawing board with a new pallette of colors and an entirely new concept for our identity. The end goal was a new look for ITL, designed to better represent who we are and who we serve. We hope you like what we came up with - we know we do.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Beneath the surface of every successful business, you'll find that blood, sweat, and tears tell a far more accurate story than any mission statement ever could. They're a roadmap to where you've been and where you're likely to go. That’s why our new identity uses three pendants, stylized as the blood sweat and tears that are common to every business.

Industrial Traffic 20 Year Mark

Client Highlights

The Mobile-Shop


A loyal client for several years, Mobile-Shop’s goal for 2015 included a more prominent web presence. Since launching the site in February of 2015, Mobile-Shop has received over 18,000 unique visitors with an average time of 2 minutes spent on site (according to HubSpot, 55% of visitors spend 15 seconds or less your website). Mobile-Shop’s site has also seen a healthy balance of traffic from organic searches, direct visits, referrals from other sites, social media, and search engine advertising. Check out our latest project: a video we filmed that generated an immediate return on investment for the Mobile-Shop company.


We do our best work when our clients have a hand in the process! Innovative Marking Systems, having an obvious eye for design, helped us co-design a new responsive website that encouraged a more interactive user experience. Through in-page stylized content, an extensive YouTube video library, and a highly focused PPC/landing page campaign, we were able to help our client achieve a 39% increase in unique visitors, a 29% increase in quotations and a 66% increase in capital machine sales when compared to the prior 4 months. In fact, IMS sold more equipment in the 4 month period after the launch in August than they had achieved year to date at that point. Our friends over at IMS remind us of the reason we got into this business: to help good people do what they do best.



When Nu-Cast approached us with several concerns about their current site - including slow page-load time and the ability to edit their own content - we suggested creating a responsive site with custom CMS modules. When we started to brainstorm a new design for Nu-Cast, one of the biggest hurdles we had to overcome was simply getting users to the right place.

In addition to a new architecture to overhaul content where it was needed most, we used the most up-to-date responsive frameworks to ensure the site loads faster and more reliably for users on virtually any device. We’re confident that a simpler flow and plenty of readily accessible information will help our friends at Nu-Cast continue to win interesting contracts for projects on land, in space, and at sea.


A new client of 2015 - Not Just Kitchens came to us expressing a need to work with a firm that treated them as a partner, not a number. Along with quarterly face-to-face meetings and project-based marketing initiatives, we helped create the company who makes beautiful spaces, a beautiful space to showcase their work: a new responsive website. With a solid foundation set in 2015, this next year will be spent building this client’s Google reviews, enews campaign efforts and print collateral/advertising.

New Year, New Capabilities

There’s always something changing at Industrial Traffic. From new people to new capabilities, the nature of our industry is change, so we’re always changing in some way or another.

Our Growing Staff

2015 brought new staff, Sam Barnum and Brooks Eastman, who not only add their personality to our day-to-day lives, but some awesome expertise and skill sets. Get to get to know Sam, Brooks, and the rest of the ITL team!

Brooks Web Developer

Brooks Eastman: Developer

Sam Inbound Marketingr

Sam Barnum: Inbound Marketing

Changes on the Horizon

With growing staff and new capabilities, you might wonder what else is going on at Industrial Traffic. Let’s just say we have a major announcement coming soon!

It’s 2016: Don’t be a Stranger!

So now you have an idea how we’re entering 2016. What about you?

Get in touch with us today to tell us how you’re doing, what your goals are, or how you might want to change your strategy in the New Year. After all, we’re here to help!