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Exposure Marketing

Without exposure, it doesn’t matter how talented you are or how innovative your product is. For businesses of every size, exposure is essential for both short and long-term growth. But how do you get it? Our answer: Exposure marketing.

These days, marketing your business is a complex and daunting endeavor. It relies on experience and creativity in multiple disciplines. At Industrial Traffic we bring together the talent needed to be a resource for truly comprehensive exposure marketing in every medium. From experiential web design and development to video and print media, our unique brand of exposure marketing puts your business where it needs to be.

Our approach to exposure marketing is focused on devising the right solution for your business, followed by measurable data that can be used to improve on every aspect of your marketing strategy.

Services Integrated Into Exposure Marketing Strategies…

Design and Development

Encouraging growth and exposure begins with the core of your marketing efforts, your website. To maximize your exposure, you need a website that combines strategic creative design with professional development. These two elements come together to form the groundwork of your marketing hub. Our design team begins by working closely with you to create an aesthetic that communicates what you do, who you are, how you're different, and why it matters. The backbone of every successful website is effective development, and the role of our development team is to identify and implement the most effective solution for your web presence -- from ecommerce websites and blogs to custom app development. For every project, design and development begins and ends with one goal in mind: to deliver a solution that fits your business and helps you grow.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the foundation of your exposure online. We begin with in depth research focused on where your exposure needs to grow online, and then strategically implement our proven methodologies to help your website become more prominent in the major search engines.

Video / Photography

Just like our web solutions are tailored to transform visitors into customers, our video services bridge the gap to effectively reach every kind of web user. Whether a visitor is highly visual or would rather sit back and watch – our video services ensure your website has the content to reach them all. For some, being able to quickly see who you are and what you do can make a major difference. That’s where video comes in. On the other side of the lens, our photography services ensure your website has the high quality, professionally composed photographs that can be used by our design team to give your website the right look.


For many businesses, social media can be the first place customers find you, learn about you, and spread the word about you. Developing content and delivering it in a way that works for your audience can help your brand grow online and offline. Fortunately, our team can help.

Content Strategy

Your website is the first source your customers will turn to for the information they need to make a decision about your products or services. It can generate leads, create new opportunities, and form new relationships, and it all happens through the content you provide to inform, educate, entertain, and persuade your visitors. With this in mind, you want to put your best foot forward – and that’s where content strategy comes in. From writing and editing to video and photography – our content team comes together to visualize, create, and track the content that makes your website a marketing tool that drives long term growth.

How We Do It

Channel Research Exposure Strategy Concept Discovery Implementation Marketing Analysis
Every client is different. With that in mind, we begin by focusing on what marketing channels offer your business the greatest exposure. By basing our strategy on how your brand is presented in every channel, we can make the strategic decisions needed to design the ideal solution for business exposure. What concepts work best for your target audience? Our concept discovery process works hand in hand with you and target audiences to develop a strategy that resonates with your customers. Once your exposure marketing plan has been fully realized, our team strategically implements your marketing assets with a constant focus on quality. Data driven decisions are the key to long-term success. After design and implementation, we measure results. What worked? What could have worked better? All of this data is used to deliver even greater value for your next marketing endeavor.