One Aspect of A Good Internet Marketing Agency?: Zen-Like Support

As has become our custom, we were trying to think of a good topic for our “Fun Friday” video, but everyone was coming up blank. We like doing these videos, it’s a great way to lighten the mood and start the weekend-off on a good note. But while it’s fun to shoot a silly video, the challenge is finding an entertaining way to relate it to what we do for our clients every day.

As you may know, we offer hosting packages in addition to Internet Marketing and SEO, and soon after deciding which staff member to focus on for this week’s video, it just so happened that one client was having a terrible problem with spam. When Sasha came downstairs to explain the problem to Brian, our lead developer, we were all amazed as he silently breezed through screen after screen before eventually turning around and saying, “It’s Taken Care of”.

And so the Zen Developer was born. We found our angle.

Check out the video below, and visit if you have any questions about hosting

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